• William B. Taylor

We Have Readers!

Indie Book World has been up and running now for a little over a month. We now have several authors who have posted their Indie books on the site, but so no additional audiobooks. Interestingly, we have a LOT more readers who have subscribed to the site than authors.

Indie Book World was set up to give Indie authors a place to advertise their print, e-book and audiobooks for no fees, and for readers to discover these new authors for free. There are no membership fees, no costs to readers or authors. Period. The site was set up by an Indie author to give other authors a break on expensive advertising fees.

The site works - my own books have gained readers with NO ADDITIONAL PAID ADVERTISING being done. I want to do the same for other authors and especially for those who have gone through the trouble and expense to produce an audiobook. As far as I can tell, aside from paying high advertising fees, there is really no other way for audiobook authors to advertise their works.

So...if you are an Indie author and want to give you books some more exposure, head over to today and list you books for FREE! And remember to include your audiobooks as well!

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