• William B. Taylor

What's The Catch?

Since launching Indie Book World, I have had a lot of questions, but the one that is asked most often is "What's the catch?". It's a good question, and one that everyone should ask.

The answer is quite simple: There is NO CATCH! Advertising your indie books on the site is free and simple to do. Readers can access the site for FREE and discover new authors and new books. There are no memberships, no one-time fees, no on-going fees - nothing. Indie Book World is simply a place for hard working Indie authors and readers to get to know each other.

Why am I doing this? That answer is a little more complicated, but in a nutshell, I am fortunate enough to have the resources to be able to set up a website for free in order to help readers find my books and other Indie author's books. I am also tired of ever increasing advertising fees from Amazon, BookBub and other advertising platforms that we have to use. Not all Indie authors can afford to pay such high fees to make their books discoverable to readers, and most people simply cannot afford to compete with big budget advertisers.

Another big reason for setting up this site is to be able to advertise my audiobooks, and those of other authors. Audiobooks are big business, but authors are getting the short-end of the deal on these books. Advertising is pretty much non-existent, and we already receive very little for our efforts. Producing an audiobook is VERY expensive, and most good voice talents charge significant fees for their work. Even if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford to produce an audiobook, once it is done, the only way for it to be visible to listeners is to have it rank high in their charts, but how do you do that if you are not a big name author?

So there you have it. I am simply an Indie author who enjoys entertaining readers/listeners when I can. I want to help other Indie authors have a platform where they can advertise their works and be discovered by readers without having to spend a dime. Indie authors are part of a strong and helpful community and this is just my way of paying it forward to my fellow Indie's.

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