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Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor

Alex Tinsdill never thought a simple DNA test would lead to a $250 million inheritance and Cove Point Manor, a massive estate built during the Gilded Age on the Gold Coast of Long Island, New York.
Alex's inheritance doesn't come without a cost however, as two greedy relatives soon show up, determined to separate Alex from his new found riches.
Cove Point Manor has a dark past, and a sinister secret which is about to be revealed!
Bloodlines: Cove Point Manor is a fast paced read that mixes the supernatural with just the right amount of dark humor.

Bloodlines Of Noble Blood

Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood

Alex and Maggie travel to England to meet with a DNA client who is related to nobility. At stake is a noble title, a massive estate and a family fortune that dates back centuries. Not everyone is happy about this new-found relative however, and some are even willing to kill to keep their family fortune! Alex and Maggie soon discover that this isn't the first time the family has turned to violence to protect their title and fortune as they uncover a century old murder involving the family.
Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood will grab and keep your attention from the first page until the very end!

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Bloodlines Brenda's Revenge

Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge

Brenda and Connie Sonwil, first introduced in Cove Point Manor, are back, only this time it is Brenda who is a ghost! Brenda is seeking revenge against everyone who had wronged her during her miserable time on earth, including her often clueless daughter Connie and, of course, Alex and Maggie Tinsdill. As Brenda goes about wreaking revenge on the mortal world, the benevolent spirits of Cove Point Manor try to protect Alex and Maggie, but they cannot do it alone.
Who will stop this hellion from destroying everyone she disliked in life?
Bloodlines: Brenda's Revenge is a modern take on the age-old ghost story, and one that will have you believing in the afterlife!


Love Captured

Author: Patricia M. Muhammad

During the 18th century, a mother tells her daughter, Emmeline, where her destiny lies.  She sets her sights towards Liverpool, England.  She is kind and innocent.  However, not everyone she encounters is.   Can she trust the duke with her secret?

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Ardors Prestige Final Cover (1).jpg

Ardor's Prestige

Author: Patricia M. Muhammad

Duchess Anastasia sneaks away from the family mansion at night in 18th Century Venezia during Carnevale. Giorgio, her cavalier servente, has feelings for her. Anastasia accepts the esteemed courtier, Leandro's marriage proposal though he fails to disclose an important detail about himself. The royal guards seize Giorgio at the d'Alessi manor. The Crown accuses Giorgio of treason. Capriana, a servant, knows how Giorgio was framed. A conspirator intends to murder her. Anastasia and Leandro investigate Giorgio's allegations before they are wed. The duchessa is surprised as to whom it leads.

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Hidden Valor cover design.jpg

Hidden Valor

Author: Patricia M. Muhammad

Duchess Arabella leaves the House of Wellington for the king's court without notice or permission of her mother and father. Two murders occur in the royal palace. Duke Everett is accused amongst the courtiers. He pursues the duchess to take her hand in marriage. The Crown sequesters all of the king's court to the royal grounds. The duke and duchess fall in love and are the first to be exonerated. They leave for the House of Carrington, only for the Crown to summon Duke Everett to serve as advisor. A third murder happens. The primary witness is Duke Everett's unknown cousin. The duke seeks to advise the crown to finally resolve all the murders so that he and Arabella may be free to wed and remain as honourable members of the king's court.

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Stolen Grace cover corrected  name.jpg

Stolen Grace

Author: Patricia M. Muhammad

Penelope Moreau is a Creole courtier in 18th century Versailles, France. She searches frantically for a paper containing a clue as to who actually committed the royal theft. Once this is proven, the evidence would refute her brother's, Armand's, alleged complicity in the crime. Pierre LeMercier is also an aristocrat of the king's court and is fascinated by Penelope's beauty and intrigued by her feigned lack of interest in him. Penelope and Pierre's courtship blossoms. Pierre vows, as well as Count Alexandre Montegeau a friend of Penelope and Armand's parents, to exonerate Armand, restore the House of Moreau's name. Pierre and Penelope hope to be wed when the matter is settled.

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The Sun Shone Anyway.jpg

The Sun Shone Anyway: A Verse

Novel of September 11th

Author: Rose Ashby

Ten year-old Lucy is perpetually worried- about homework, piano lessons and surviving the fourth grade. One seemingly normal September day, school lets out early, and everything Lucy knows is changed forever. Her parents and teachers are unable to answer her questions, the things she sees on the news frighten her, and she's confused about why. Written in verse, The Sun Shone Anyway examines the events of September 11, 2001, through the eyes of our nation's youngest. This debut novel is a coming-of-age story, set against the backdrop of one of the darkest moments in American history.

Aimee Larson.jpg

The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir

Author: Aimee Larson

You know that feeling you get when you’re depressed and you want to shut off from the world? That you want to curl up in a ball and shut off from the rest of the world. This is Armadillo Mode. A Mental Health Memoir that takes a deep dive into anxiety, depression, and the awkward parts of life. 

Saving Hascal's Horrors

Saving Hascals Horrors.jpg

Author: Laura Smith

Ten-year-old Mike Hascal loves horror movies. His family owns a horror-themed shop that his sister, Julie, inherited from their dad who died when Mike was only two. Before his death, the shop held a contest to see who could find and photograph a real live ghost. Two teenage boys went into some nearby woods looking to win this contest. One of the boys, Shawn Mackey, never made it out of the woods. Shawn’s father, a teacher at Mike’s school, then forced the Hascal family to close their shop to the public.

When Mike finds out about this, he and his friends, along with his new friend and horror movie lover, Freddy Nickerman, spend the summer planning a search for Shawn’s body in the now forbidden woods. Will Mike and his friends make it out and save the shop, or will the ghost of Shawn Mackey keep them from leaving too?

Tales From the Sea


Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

Tales of the Sea is a semi-autobiographical novel based on my life at sea between 1957 and 1969.
In its pages, the reader will meet the characters with whom I sailed, the good, the bad, the comedians and the tough guys. They will experience nights ashore and visit through my eyes exotic places to which I voyaged. Read about the different ships, old and new, as they plough across the oceans carrying the products of the world. Weaving a spell over everything is the sea and its dangers. To most seamen the sea itself calls. No seamen will ever know what moods will greet them when they sail out of port to meet the sea or how the mood can change very quickly. This is the excitement of the sea.

Running After Maria.jpg

Running After Maria

Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

James Ashleigh was happy. He was doing what he loved. Sailing the oceans but having plenty of opportunities to take part in the ritual of the chase, as Bill his friend called the pursuit of women. Life became even more pleasant when James met Maria at a party on a ship called the “Beaver “ in port in Helsinki. Now he thought he had everything. A life at sea, the anticipation of arriving in Helsinki and love making like he had never know before. Then unexpectedly came his son, at first a question mark over his happiness but finally accepted. For reasons which James did not fully understand, Maria did not want to marry but after a long separation while James sailed to places other than Helsinki, they decided to get married and his happiness was now complete.Then came that night, after making love on the ship, when the car crashed on the way home to see his son and Maria was gone. Life now became a burden. The question was what was James to do about his son? James abandons his former life and hides away from his friends .He began what he thought of later as his descent into hell. Drink became his comfort, women were to be taken brutally when the chance arose with no ideas of forming steady relationships. 

Teacher of the Rombuli.jpg

The Teacher of the Rombuli

Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

Edward Eastland lives in an obscure country of the Parison Empire son of the most powerful man in Alskar Province, Idris Eastland. For over a century, the small nation of the Rombuli has been bowed down under the yoke of the Parison Empire and the Imperial Army,. The Emperor and the Imperial High families are maintained in power by the mysterious group of magicians called the Covenent.
Soon after Edward meets Kitty the daughter of the Imperial Army Commander, the Emperor plans a visit to this distant Province of his Empire. In Alskar Town Square he confronts a Covenenter using his power but has to back down.
Edward is taken to Nimmar the capital of Rombuli and is forced to confront the dichotomy of his hate for the Empire but his love and friendship for some of the Imperial servants?
Follow Edward as he learns more of the secrets of the Rombuli, attempts to confront the Covenent as he learns more of his power and searches for the ancient Teacher of the Rombuli, Nelvask, who has not been seen for over one hundred years.

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The Return of the Exiles 

(The Rombuli Saga Book 2)

Return of the Exiles.jpg

Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

The Empire is disintegrating. There has been no contact with Parison for months. Nothing gets through whether messages carried by people or by thought transfer. There are signs that the rest of the Empire is gearing up for war. At a Council meeting in Nimmar, it is decided to set free and mobilise the Rombuli people to counter this threat. Edward has to gather people with the talent for thought transfer to give the army a communications system.
After gathering his people, it is then decided to send Edward, Boric and Boric's bodyguard Tag on a mission to find out what has happened in the rest of the Empire. Edward, Boric and Tag travel through the mountains to the northern province of Wallonia. There the fighting has already started but they manage to find the two Covenenters they were sent to find. During the battle, they discover the secret of the invading force's power by using Edward’s powers but cannot stop the inevitable defeat of the Wallonian army.

A Ceremony of Innocence

Ceremony of Innocence.jpg

Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

Two brothers are at home on holiday much to the delight of their mother. It was the first time they had been at home together at the same time for several years. Their father is the union convener at the local shipyard and he leads the men out on strike against proposed redundancies at the same time as the brothers arrive home. Though on the surface both brothers support their father, underneath the surface there simmers the stew of disagreement. Mark, the elder brother, is fresh from months at sea as a ships officer and refuses to compromise his upwardly mobile lifestyle or his friends for the sake of family harmony. He lives for the moment and grabs any opportunity for happiness. Jim, freshly graduated from university, supports his father passionately and without question.
Can the brothers find a way to compromise their positions and fulfil their mother’s wish for a happy few weeks or will their anger boil over into open conflict and family break up?

An Ordinary Life

An Ordinary Life.jpg

Author: Edmund J. Gubbins

The story explores the manner in which most people regard themselves as honest and law abiding although there are times and circumstances when they ignore the rules of behaviour or of some moral code. These people justify their actions by ignoring their conscience or making excuses for their behaviour. In extreme cases they give the impression that morality is not an issue in their case.The novel follows the life of Tom Houseman. From his early childhood on the edge of a hard council estate to eminent Professor with a worldwide reputation and great wealth. Tom Houseman has a boyhood friend called Derek from the council estate and, though their paths diverge after junior school, he stays loyal to his friend. During his life, he accepts opportunities presented by his friends and his brother. These enhance both his standing in society and his wealth. All the time, he ignores and denies the moral and legal implications of taking advantage of these offers.As time passes, he has to face the implications of his choices. Will he finally have to face these hard decisions or will he sail serenely on living, to him, this ordinary life?

Poetic Poetry: A Short Collection of Poems

Author: Brittany Benko

Poetic Poetry.jpg

Poetic Poetry is a poetry collection that speaks to the soul about everyday life. In this collection, you'll find rhyming and contemporary pieces. Painting a picture with words, readers will enter the world of beaches in the Carolinas, the Blue Ridge Mountains, seasons, love, faith, flowers, the pandemic, the passion of motherhood, experiences with an autistic child, and much more. Life is a journey with many ups and downs, but that doesn't mean the path you walk on isn't beautiful. Catching the poetic side of life helps people to think, to become empathetic, have hope, explore talents and passions, and understand the grey areas in the world we live in.

The Woman Who Walked Among The Stars

Author: Daniel Deisinger

The Seer has been alone for a long time. Across the galaxy she protects people from a man who uses the same powers to enact planet-wide genocide for sick gain.

He's the last part of her past, and he's tired of her interference. Riding in an asteroid, he launches a direct attack, endangering hundreds to get to her. Her death would complete a terrible course – if he succeeds, nothing will ever be able to stop him from an endless reign of terror.

But defeating him will leave her more alone than ever before. The Seer's past returns and threatens to overwhelm her. Loneliness is a choice – and it's a choice she must face.

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Author: Jeremiah Ukponrefe


The Collective military has spent its years destroying the last remnants of The Hive, an alien force which devastated the old world, bringing forth the apocalypse , and ushering a new age of warring factions.

Alexander King is a Collective soldier who during a mission monitoring the outskirts of Zone 6, discovers evidence that The Hive's presence is stronger than commonly believed. With his new information it becomes vital that the Collective acts fast, for if they don't the world will be brought to it knees again in a second wave of destruction that will end humanity forever.

Astonishing, complex, and character driven. Hive is the first in a saga that will leave you begging for more.

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The Hunter Vampire

The Hunter Vampire.jpg

Author: Q.E. Priest

Spencer woke up as a vampire more powerful and more knowledgeable than those with centuries of experience as undead. Which was a good thing for him, since he was made into a vampire, against his will. It's okay, though, because he enjoys being a vampire. The best part: hunting and killing other vampires. 
If they didn't want the become prey, they shouldn't have made him a hunter.

The Speakeasy Murders

Author: Patricia M. Muhammad


It is the roaring 1920s in the city of Chicago. Helen Williams is an astute, but bashful upper class coloured detective. Helen obtained her position through a recommendation from her father after delaying an opportunity to attend Fisk University. Her mother spoke against Helen accepting the job. Williams assumed it because at the time, a young, refined, coloured woman being a detective was 'unladylike.' Her go to instrument is an heirloom magnifier she inherited from her hard working and well educated grandfather. Though some of her co-workers take some time to become accustomed to her quirks, she is admired for her detail, accepted and often called upon her colleagues for her insight. Williams has only heard of one other female coloured detective whom she never met. Helen is called in one night to help investigate some peculiar murders in which a field is often used and she now believes is the criminal mastermind's dumping ground. After a couple of days of discussing similar cases with her colleagues, Helen concludes that the executioner is a serial killer who also orders the killings. These activities stem from an underground nightclub.  A group of criminals throw a brick into the station house to warn the officers to keep their investigations to crimes above ground. Lieutenant Henry Johnson orders the station on lockdown.  After he lifts the lockdown, Johnson partners Williams with Patterson undercover to further investigate murders at the speakeasy. Stephen introduces Helen to his sister Ruby to help her undergo her transformation. Williams now appears as a flapper with her station house brother, Stephen accompanying her. She is surrounded by the unfamiliar, jazz music, alcoholic beverages, and the wildest dance crazes.  Williams reminds herself to focus on the investigation. One night at the speakeasy, Helen is assaulted and nearly raped by a Negro male in one of the bigger rooms to the left of the main floor. His African male accomplice waits at the threshold of the room's door to make sure the job is done. She was able to maneuver and defend herself until Stephen nearly pummels him. Thaddeus sees the African man run and trips him, upon impact his skull is split on nails of floorboards. Helen runs out. Thaddeus carries her away and brings her to his flat. She is shy and cautious. The Englishman is protective of her.  They increase in natural affection towards one another.  The Englishman proposes to Helen and she accepts.  One night at the speakeasy, Helen discovers a secret stairwell.  It would be the gateway which leads her to solve the murders. Helen and Thaddeus will finally have the peace they earned, and the life destined for them to have--with each other.  

Murder By Dissent


Author: Patricia M. Muhammad

Protests, riots and someone who hides under the flame that scorches the possibility of improving race relations in America during the Civil Rights era. Jacqueline Sadie Thompson is a detective in a coloured precinct in New York. Lieutenant Reynolds assigns her and Johnson murder cases which occurred during protests. They visit the scene. Someone tosses a Molotov cocktail where they stand. The building collapses. Thompson's British husband, William rescues her. Her partner suffers a coma. Johnson awakens. He recalls the disturbing notions his wife had concerning racial identity. Thompson faints at the station house and is put on leave. Her husband cares for her. Anderson, another detective, furthers their investigations. Johnson convinces one of his cousins to retrieve a book. The detective is aloof and does not disclose to anyone what he saw before the explosion. Jacqueline deduces a portion of it. Jacqueline is determined to solve the case. Her husband is determined to protect her. Who do they both need protection from